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How to Make Coffee Less Acidic

make coffee less acidicWe love our coffee and some of us love to drink lots of it. But too much, too strong or too caffeinated and it can mess up our digestion with too much acidity. Cultures around the world, though, have found preparation methods to make coffee less acidic. Plus they taste delicious, too.

Cold Brewcold brew coffee

When you make cold brew coffee, the overnight soaking reduces acidity by 67%, according to scientific study by Toddy. Plus cold brew is easy to make and smoothly satisfying. Simply take a large jar with a lid (I use a half-gallon jar), put in 1 spoonful or coffee scoop of grounds per 1 cup of water, filling the jar you have. Seal it and let it sit on the counter or in the fridge overnight.

In the morning strain out the grounds and voila! You have cold brew coffee. You may drink it cold or warm it up. Add any sweetener or cream you like.


The use of spices on the grounds as coffee boils help to reduce acidity and aid in digestion. Turkish Coffee is traditionally made with a pinch or more of ground cardamom. It is boiled together in the ibrik before drinking.turkish coffee with spices

You can add any spice you like to the grounds of any coffee maker. Fennel is a well-known spice which aids digestion and adds a delightful anise flavor. My other favorites are ground cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, allspice, nutmeg or cloves. Experiment and see which you prefer. Only use one at a time and you can add between a pinch to a teaspoon directly to the grounds.

Choose Low Acid Coffee

You can reduce acidity from the get-go by choosing carefully which brands, roasts and origins of coffee beans you buy. Some say “low acid,” “mild” or “easy on the stomach.” These beans have been processed in a way to reduce the acidity.

Some beans are naturally lower in acid, depending on where they are grown. Opt for coffee beans grown in Hawaii, Brazil, Sumatra, India and the Caribbean. Experiment and see which you prefer.

Dark Roastcoffee roasts

Dark roast coffee is roasted the longest – so more acid is reduced in the roasting process. Medium or light roasts will have more acid in them.

Watch the Grind

If you opt for coarser ground coffee, the less it will leach acidity into your cup. Opt for coarse ground over fine ground.

The Weirdest Way to Make Coffee Less Acidic – Egg Shells

This is a bit of strange coffee alchemy, but fun and effective. Boil your coffee grounds with water in a pot and add in several crushed egg shells. The egg shells help to absorb the acid. Use 1 spoonful or coffee scoop of coarse coffee grounds per cup of water.egg shells make coffee less acidic

Bring it all to a boil and let it simmer for five to seven minutes. Once it’s done, let it sit and cool while the grounds and egg shells settle. Then strain out the grounds and egg shells using a fine mesh sieve and/or a coffee filter or cheese cloth in a strainer.

Add whatever sweetener or cream you want, and enjoy.

Experiment with all these options to see what works best for you, both to make coffee less acidic and the most delicious. Once you’ve found the perfect cup, share with us below!