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Colorado Coffee – What I’m Drinking Now

For this blog (and because I love being adventurous with coffee, food, drink and everything), I’m trying out new coffees all the time. Last month I tried and reviewed several Caribou Coffees, flavored and regular. This month I got a local Colorado Coffee to try, Boyers Coffee, Aspen Gold Medium Roast. I also purchased a couple of my long-standing favorites, Lavazza Perfetto Espresso Roast and Lavazza Classico Medium Roast.

Colorado Coffee – Boyers Aspen Gold

Going from Caribou Coffee I didn’t really notice anything special about Boyer’s, it just seemed like a regular, all-around normally-good coffee. But then I finished the Caribou Coffee and started in on my Lavazza, and I can tell a distinct difference between these two brands. I love Lavazza, it’s light and smooth. But sometimes I find the Lavazza is just a little too strong for me (like now during allergy season, or if I’ve already had a few cups). Then I switch to my Boyer’s Aspen Gold Colorado Coffee. It’s delicious, a perfect medium roast, not too dark and not too light. Where Lavazza has a lighter general tone to it, the Boyer’s tone is slightly deeper, which I appreciate.

Local Colorado Coffee Boyers Aspen Gold can be found at,, and at local grocery stores in Colorado.

Boyers Coffee – They’ve been around a while

Colorado Coffee Company Boyers Coffee was founded in 1965, but only local Colorado residents have known about them, as they’ve just been in our local Walmarts and grocery chains. Recently, they made a deal with Walmart and now are getting national exposure, not to mention on Amazon as well. They worked out a deal with Walmart to create a special, exclusive “Mash-Up” blends of coffees, mixing beans from Costa Rica, Honduras, Colombia, Sumatra and Peru.

Boyer’s was already in local Walmart s and grocery stores around Colorado, but this new agreement with Walmart for the exclusive blends came recently as a special invitation. This big change came after the Barrow brothers bought the company from the Boyer family in 2015. The Boyer’s roastery is located in a 1927 schoolhouse on Washington Street in Denver.

Boyer’s is now part of several companies owned by the Barrows which includes Luna Gourmet Coffee and Tea Company, Boulder Organic Coffee and Boca Java. This company, Barrows, is committed to ethical and direct trade and environmental responsibility. Currently the company is funding construction of a school in the same Peruvian village where one of their farming suppliers is located.

But I also love my Lavazza

Lavazza is local to Italy – an Italian company. They really know how to make coffee, especially espresso. A friend got me onto them because their espresso is so smooth, that you can actually sip a pure espresso without sugar – there’s no bitterness to it. I’ve never come across a coffee that can do this, until Lavazza.

Currently I’m drinking the Perfetto Espresso Roast as well as the Classico Medium Roast. They both work amazingly well as cafe americano, and I share about how to make that here. The Perfetto is especially rich in full-bodied flavor – yum.

Ways I like to Make my Coffee

I use my trusty Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista Espresso & Cappuccino Maker almost every single day. You can read my review about it here. Lately I’ve really been into cafe americano, especially since I’m mostly following the Belly Fat Cure menu plan these days, and for that coffee with a little bit of half-and-half is recommended. My cafe americano tastes so perfect with a double espresso shot (with any of these coffees), diluted with just a little bit of hot or boiling water (see how to make cafe americano here), a little sweetener added (Truvia or flavored Stevia) and a little bit of real half-and-half. It’s filling and yummy, and I’m losing weight, too.

But these coffees are just as good as Turkish Coffee in an ibrik – which I’ve written about here, and if you don’t have an ibrik, read this post. When I need to make a cup of joe as quietly as possible (like recently when my older son spent the night, staying up late with his brother playing Warhammer, and choosing to sleep on the Living Room Couch so he can be near our cat all night – see below), I use my Bialetti Moka Pot – that’s also yummy, and I write about that here. Making it Turkish Coffee style is also extremely quiet and works well for that, too.

Of course, you can also just make any of these into a cold brew in your fridge overnight, which is obviously the quietest method of all, and very rich and delicious as well as healthful. I write about that preparation here.

Colorado Coffee if my local coffee – what’s yours?

I’d love to hear about other coffees local to your own city or state of residence. Please share what your local coffee company is, what their coffee is like – I crave your reviews for your local coffee. 🙂 Please comment below and let’s share together.

Okay, here is our beloved orange tabby cat, Spikey, next to whom my son slept all night long on the Living Room couch. Spikey is a funny cat, in some ways he behaves more like a dog, as he likes to hang out with one of his humans all day long (most days), and he likes daily attention from his different humans. Sometimes he’ll cuddle up in our arms like a baby. If there’s an empty box, suitcase, bag or other container, he’ll happily sit in it for hours – especially cardboard boxes or paper bags. He lays regular “cute traps” for us around the house, too. When my husband and I stretch or do yoga in our Den, Spikey comes and starts stretching with us, sprawling on the floor with his head upside down, reaching his front paws out to touch one of our legs or hands on the floor. Cat yoga!


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