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About Jerilyn

Coffee CatWelcome to Coffee Cat, where you’ll find tips, recipes, reviews and lots of coffee fun from a coffee snob of cat-like proportions. (Okay, not really – I’m a human cat-lover and coffee snob.)

The Espresso that Changed It All

I came late to the coffee scene. It wasn’t until my 30s that I decided to get rid of my uncontrollable sugar vice. So I took up coffee to make up for it (yes, you can make good coffee using stevia). But not too long after I went back to sugar, so I ended up just adding a new vice!

I was just a normal coffee drinker until, one evening after a gourmet authentic Italian meal at Pizzaria Rustica, I ordered a little espresso to finish the meal. My first espresso – it was a life-changing experience. So smooth, so velvety in the tiny cup with just the right hint of sweetness.

After that a regular coffee wouldn’t do – I dove into the world of cappuccinos, espressos, Turkish coffee, brands, recipes and more.

A Lotta Latte

There are so many recipes, tips, ideas to explore with excellent coffee. Try something new, comment with your own ideas or adjustments – the world is full of great coffees, techniques and beans. Grab a cup, sit back, relax and let’s explore together.

Grab your Cup

Here we have a wonderful community of coffee aficionados sharing tips, recipes, ramblings, discoveries, reviews and a cup or two together.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,Jerilyn Winstead

Jerilyn Winstead

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Mother, Writer, Entrepreneur, Larper, Coffee Snob - I like to do a little bit of everything.

2 thoughts on “About Jerilyn”

  1. Hi Jerilyn,

    This is my first stop here. I enjoyed your bio. You’ve got me craving espresso!

    Hey, I have a question: what is a larper? Something fun, I hope!


    1. Larp – Live Action Role Play. Check it out on YouTube. It’s basically a bunch of kids and adults playing pretend, running around at a campsite for a weekend going on quests, fighting monsters and battles, wearing the most incredible costuming ever. There are larps inspired by Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, zombie larps like The Walking Dead, ones based on pirates, on Downtown Abbey, on vampires, urban fantasy, science fiction, you name it. It’s like putting yourself into a movie and being the hero – and a great fitness program.

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