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Law of Attraction works with Coffee, too

I’ve been studying, applying and learning the Law of Attraction with great fun and success. I can tell you the Law of Attraction works, and I love to share my Law of Attraction Tips and Law of Attraction secrets whenever I can.

Law of Attraction Tips

By the way, all the books I recommend can be found on, and I’m an affiliate with them, so if you click on the link and order anything from Amazon, I may get a small kick-back, allowing me to buy a cup of coffee once in a while.

For beginning the Law of Attraction journey, I recommend all books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, and watching or listening to all YouTube videos under the name Abraham Hicks (or Esther Hicks). Their message inspired The Secret DVD and really teaches the basics in the most understandable way.

Next I’ve been studying and doing the homework in the books by Nanice Ellis, starting with Is There a White Elephant in Your Way and then Seducing the Field. This is more advanced work clearing out personal blockages and getting into the flow.

I also like Lacy Phillips’ innovative and unusual method and perspective on Law of Attraction Tips. She offers courses on her website with various subscription or purchase options, and her Expanded Podcast is free. I love how she uses the Human Design method and shows how various types of personalities will manifest things in slightly different ways.

For instance, I’m a nonspecific manifestor. If you tell me to set a very specific money goal to come to me by a specific date (like in the Napoleon Hill book), I’ll balk at that and put up all sorts of resistance. I manifest in a more relaxed, general, trusting way. I live in the feelings, play with details when I want but don’t attach my results to them, adding the phrase “this or something better” to the end of my asking so that I don’t even limit the universe/God/Source on what is brought to me.

Sometimes as a nonspecific manifestor I just allow the ideas of what to ask for flow into my mind. I think “oh yes, that would be nice,” and don’t give it much more thought (although this process may repeat itself a few times and I spend several seconds on it each time). Next thing I know, that specific item or situation just appears in my life a day, week or month later, and I’m so surprised and delighted!

Coffee and the Law of Attraction Tip

This is what happened recently with coffee. I love my Mr. Coffee Cafe Espresso Maker (see review here), but lately I’ve found that drinking such strong coffee (cappuccinos and lattes with espresso shots) several times a day has been a little too much for my body, making me too jittery, upsetting my stomach sometimes, etc. I wanted to switch to a regular, lighter American brew, but even making the Americano was too strong.

So I was thinking about it and wishing I had a regular drip coffee maker. Preferably one where I could program it to automatically brew a pot when I’m up in the morning, wouldn’t that be nice?

Then I got to visit my brother in Chicago for a few days, and try his wonderful coffee maker that also grinds the beans fresh every morning before brewing it when he gets up. Very cool!

But we didn’t have it in the budget to buy a new coffee maker just yet, so I was just thinking about it once in a while, not giving it much thought, but affirming how much I’d like to have the coffee make itself for me every morning.

Lo and behold, a month passed, then my daughter decided to move to California, so she returned the old Gevalia drip coffee maker I’d loaned her (something I’d saved from a long time ago in a box for when my daughter moves out, and then forgot about it).

So wow, I had a drip coffee maker. Then I discovered it has a simple and easy programming system, so I can set it up the night before and set the program. It then turns on and brews the pot right on time for when I’m up. If I’m up and ready before 6am, which I often am, I simply push a button to turn off the program and it brews the pot immediately.

So cool! Just by thinking about it a few times, voila – I received a regular drip coffee maker which brews the pot for me in the mornings. I love it! Now I can have two to three cups of java every morning, topping it off for extra heat as needed. And it’s not too strong. I find it tastes just as good even though the grounds sit in the maker all night long.

The Law of Attraction Works

I hope you found these Law of Attraction tips useful. The Law of Attraction works, even with something as simple as a  programmable drip coffee maker. I have lots of stories like these, of the time I manifested just the right wooden pieces to fit together to make a medieval chandelier for my re-enacting, or the very unusual antique three-legged stool I manifested after missing out on the first one I spotted at an antique mall, or even the brand new package of women’s underpants my friend manifested on the side of the road when she didn’t have enough money to buy some. They were in her size of course!

Law of Attraction Tips

Do you have fun stories of these kinds of miracles? Please tell us below, I’d love to hear from you! Once you get into the flow, amazing and funny things happen.

Again, these books can be found on

  • The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • All other books by Esther Hicks
  • Is There a White Elephant in Your Way? by Nanice Ellis
  • Seducing the Field by Nanice Ellis

Also be sure to check out The Expanded Podcast by Lacy Phillips, and Manifest It A.L.L. by Emryald Sinclaire


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