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Honey Coffee Healthy Benefits – Delicious Together

Honey in coffee? Do they even go together?

Yes they do, and for a while Starbucks even offered a Caramelized Honey Latte – this one sold out in my area at all Starbucks. I’m still waiting for them to bring it back…

Honey in Coffee

Surprisingly, sweetening hot coffee with honey works deliciously together. Honey is very sweet, so don’t use too much. This sweetener is natural, especially if you get raw, local honey, and is even allowed on some diets like Paleo (small amounts, not too often).

Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is an all-natural sweetener with a low glycemic index. If you buy local, raw honey, it will help you to resist pollen allergies to your local flora. Honey also gives long, sustained energy. It is so sweet you only need a tiny bit. It is already used often in teas to help with sore throat. A long-time home remedy for sore throat is to take a spoonful of warm honey with lemon juice and swallow. Honey coats the throat, easing the soreness. The lemon juice helps to kill germs and to detox.

Honey Coffee

We know coffee also has health benefits, and I like my coffee every morning. But when I’m struggling with sore throat or a cold coming on, I always use honey in my coffee (and also drink lots of tea). They taste amazingly great together. I use honey in my coffee at other times, too, like when I need the extra, sustained energy boost.

Give it a Try

Try it and see for yourself. Here’s a thought, what about playing around with flavored honeys? Like Cinnamon Honey, Berry Honey, Clover Honey? Let me know how you like it and which ones you’ve tried, below.






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